Frequently Asked Questions


Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions outside of this document.


Make sure you are using the recommended browser and setup as described in welcome before attempting any of these answers.

I am not getting an email when I try to log in.#

Please give the system up to 5 minutes to deliver email. Check your spam folder too.

If you are joining a custom event on a URL different from, the event manager might have enabled whitelisting. Whitelisting means you will not receive an email unless you are pre-approved. In this case, please contact the person responsible for the event.

I can't hear anything#

When setting up your avatar in the entry menu, make sure that it displays properly in the preview. If the avatar preview is constantly loading or not displaying your avatar, change your clothes, hair and accessories until the preview shows the avatar again. After this, you can continue and the audio should work.

If the preview loads, make sure your computer settings are okay. Estraad is a normal website, and cannot configure your audio output. Test on other websites and make sure the audio plays there. If the issue is only with Estraad, contact us to troubleshoot your issue.

My avatar is not changing skin color#

In order to change skin color, you need to first select a skin color in the Avatar Creator screen, then select a new clothing. The skin color system will be improved in the future to be more intuitive. The avatar preview will always show how you look inside a room.

The website is white#

Try loading the page using incognito (private) tab. If that does not work, contact support.

If incognito tab works, clear your cookies as instructed here:

I cant control volume in videos#

This is a known issue for the Safari browser. Please use one of the recommended browsers as described in welcome. Also a known issue for connecting with a mobile phone.

Loading the website says the device is not supported#

Unfortunatley running a 3D environment in the browser means we have limited support for older devices and browsers. If you get this message, make sure you are using one of our supported brwosers as described in welcome. You need to be using a relatively modern (2013++) computer (or iPad, iPhone, etc) and a modern operating system such as Mac OS, Windows 10, or GNU/Linux with a browser environment supporting WebGL.

Someone is being disruptive / want to kick someone out#

Contact us at with the player name and room code.

Can we send private messages to others?#

This is currently not a feature as the platform is targetting voice communications. For a private conversation, simply move away from the crowd to talk privately.